Alex Graydon Video: ALa-Cruzin

ALa-Cruzin Video

We are stoked to announce a new video, Ala-Cruzin, filmed by our team rider and residential videographer, Cole Vanthof.  Cole has been busting his ass this summer filming a ton of great content and two special projects, this being the first one we are dropping.  We sat down with Cole and talked a bit about this project he did with our Alex Graydon in his great home state of Alabama.  Alex has been killing it for years and his world travels have helped to mold his style into something truly unique.  After you read this short interview, make sure you checkout the photos that Jeff Mathis did from the filming process.  So stoked!


Where did the idea of doing a video with Alex Graydon come from?  What would you say is the main theme for this video?

Well, I have always known Alex since I pretty much started wakeboarding, so when I wanted to do some projects with our team I immediately thought of Alex.  The main theme would have to be Alabama and what it has offered Alex.  Showing that off was a no-brainier.

Of the days spent with Alex and some of his crew, were there any days in particular that went really well…or really badly?

Working with Alex was a breeze.  With us being such good friends it was easy to talk about what we wanted and how to make it happen.  There were definitely a couple of days where our ideas just couldn’t transform into action, but that’s part of it.

You’re kind of new to the game with filming and edits, but the response has been all positive.  Does this push you?  Are you developing your own style of how you want wakeboarding to be seen?

Yeah, the positive feedback has kept me going and made me realize I might just have some talent behind my passion.
I think I am.  After being in the scene for a while and being filmed for my parts, I was never completely satisfied with how some things were filmed or put together, but now that I have the camera I can actually put my vision of how a shot or a trick should look into a reality.

What are some future goals with filming that you would like to accomplish?  Anything in the works?

Future goals would be eventually starting my own production company, but as of right now I think I want to make a full-length.

OK, if you had to pick one what would it be?
a. Rock a 24″ Salt Life sticker on your car and wakeboard for a year.
b. Be sponsored by Nutella.
c. Be in front of the camera instead of behind it.

As much as everyone knows on Snapchat just how much I love “salt life” stickers, I think I’m gonna go with in front of the lens haha.

Talk to us about your current situation as a rider.  Have you recovered fully?

Yeah blowing out my knee has been rough, but a blessing at the same time.  If it didn’t happen, then I probably wouldn’t have picked up a camera and gone down this path.  I’m still short of a year to full recovery, but hopefully the 2017 season I’ll back 100%.

Being a rider for Byerly Boards, are there some hints as to what we can see for 2017?

Wood, baby.  Long, soft, flexy wood!

Hit the people with some shout-outs.

Shout-out to everyone over at BuyWake/Ambush Board Co. for believing in my ideas and letting me have full creative power over my videos.  Thanks Byerly Boards, STZ, Sandbox helmets, Ride Engine, CTi for still having my back!

Watch the Video Now!


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