Cheers to 15 Years

What did you do for your 15th birthday? I don’t really remember mine. I probably spent the day looking for someone to give me a ride somewhere (which is how I spent most days when I was 15 years old). I wish I could tell you it was as fun as the Ambush 15th Anniversary day, but I would be making that up.

The day started with 15% off everything in the store. It was the first time we ever did that. People were stoked and got their new gear on the cheap.

We set up some s#!t to skate and the Ambush team celebrated with some shredding.

Skull Candy provided the beats and Red Bull hooked up the MXT.

We gave out some schwag and then headed to the after party.

From here it gets a little fuzzy, kinda like my 15th birthday. I may not recall much, but I know it was pretty fun.

Thanks for all your support. We would not have made it 15 years without you. Here’s to another decade and a half.

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