Darah Moss in Ambush Premium Apparel

This roof-top set features the Ambush Puff beanie and Party With Us tee worn by Darah Moss. During the shoot we were battling to keep a waist-high ledge out of the background. Even though Darah is tall, I had to have her stand on a cement ash tray so the ledge would stay out of the frame. By the way these came out,  I’d say Darah’s balancing act paid off.

The Ambush Party With Us tee and Puff beanie are now available in-store.

Ambush Puff beanie in "Lakers"

Ambush Puff beanie in "Lakers"

Ambush Puff beanie in "Lakers"Ambush Puff beanie in "Lakers"Ambush Puff beanie in "Lakers"

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