Emerica: Made Chapter One – Video Review

Skate videos have come a long way in the past ten years.  They’ve gone from mini dv cams and riding around in Honda Civics to month-long filming trips in China with movie cameras, dollies, staged “lifestyle shots”. People are even re-filming tricks because their shoe laces were tied funny.  All this is great for the progression of things, but I personally find more value in the older, rawer videos form yesteryear. That brings us to Emerica‘s newest video offering; MADE – Chapter One.

MADE is a rare bird in today’s video world. Jon Miner and the Emerica team seem to have found the perfect balance between the new technology and techniques, while still holding on to what makes skate videos and skateboarding in general so badass.  The first page of the photo book that comes with the DVD nails it on the head pretty perfectly:

“The MADE video was, plain and simply, born from great skateboarding.  Good friends accomplishing incredible things because they can’t help but do what they love.  There’s really no better way a skate video can be made.  Timing, devotion and friendship made this video possible.” – Emerica

Here’s the trailer that’s been circulating.

MADE is pretty much a homie video featuring four of the gnarliest dudes out there, in their prime, that just happen to ride for the same company.

New Toy Machine Am, Jeremy Leabres, sets off the video with the surprise opener – it’s a perfect homage to all the OG Emerica ams I grew up watching, killing rails, stairs, and everything in between with a classic humble style.  Pulling a never been done trick on a famous spot doesn’t hurt, either.

Collin Provost comes in next with his first full length part as a professional.  Classically trained in all things transition, Provost is one of the front runners in the new territory of all terrain high flying and power.  Hauling ass and blasting are what his part is all about, hitting some terrain that only dudes like Grant Taylor and Westgate could step to.  No bullshit or fake style here folks, pure raw schralping.

Leo Romero holds it down in the chewy caramel center as the veteran of the video.  In an industry full one hit wonders and short careers, its so awesome to see a dude like Leo kill it part after part without slowing down.  After all these years he still makes those big rails look so smooth and so fun.  He even makes slamming look cool.  The Flaming Lips track really ties the room together, making this another instant classic from Mr. Romero.

Closing out the video is this generation’s “East Coast Power House“, Brandon Westgate.  I don’t really feel like I can put into words anything that really does justice to the spots this guy is hitting.  Its something you really have to just see to believe.  Ollieing up onto, and over things that are literally as tall as him happen more than once in this part.

Skateboarding has gotten pretty cheesy and contrived over the last few years.  Thank the skate gods that there are still people out there like Emerica doing it the right way, for the right reasons.  So do yourself a favor and buy this video, support the companies that help keep skateboarding  awesome, then go out there and have some fun yourself.

MADE – Chapter One is available in-store now!

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