Hella Gnarly Pool Tournament


The drunker you get…the worse you play pool. The worse you play pool…the drunker you get.

“Team building” has always taken on a weird form at Ambush. Last time we got together, we shot a bunch of guns. For some reason, no one wanted to shoot the target at center mass. Everyone was aiming at the poor criminal looking guy on the target’s crotch.

The time before that, Jordan got us in trouble. This time, it was win or barf.






At least I didn’t have the distinction of being eliminated in the first round of the Hella Gnarly Pool Tournament. Those that did ended up praising the porcelain god before the night was over. The tournament started with 36 of Ambush’s finest pool players. First place was $100 cash (suddenly upped to $200 by a less than sober Chuck), second place was a Shake Weight, and third through 36th was just more time to binge.






Everyone was super competitive while they were in the tournament. Once they were eliminated, it was time to do something horrific while mocking the Shake Weight.






The semi-finals pitted Ambush’s determined owner, Chuck Morrow against an always mellow Chris Richardson and Mike “Pool Shark” Myers against Danny Peterson. I’m sure the semi-finals matches were brilliant displays of billiards excellence…but I was too busy watching Jordan and Brock sing a duet to “Bohemian Rhapsody” on the karaoke machine. Mike and Chuck advanced to the finals.

After an inspiring game, Mike was victoriously crowned the Hella Gnarly Pool Tournament Champion.

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