Innovation Over Satiation

“There are no dreams too large, no innovation unimaginable, and no frontiers beyond our reach.” – John S. Herrington

We all want to be innovators. We all want to make a difference in the world. We all want to invent the next thing, perform a new trick, advance a new style, or turn a head in our direction. We all want to push forward and be remembered. We all want to progress.

The only thing is: being an innovator is extremely difficult. Mediocre people are always trying to convince you that you can’t. Jealous people will to tell you why you won’t. The masses will ridicule your ideas and say they will never work.

But everything’s been done before. Wrong.

ABD. This spot is shut down. Really?

That trick is impossible. Why?

Dream big and you will not only progress in your own life, you will uplift other lives as well. Consider these advancements in skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing. Without these innovations, the sports would never have gotten to where they are. And you may not have been able to enjoy them to the level you have become accustomed to.

Wherever you are and whatever you do, thank an innovator for bringing it to you.

The Ollie – you can thank Alan Gelfand and Rodney Mullen for taking skateboarding to new heights.

The ThrusterSimon Anderson revolutionized surfing with his three fin setup. Stability + drive = surfing progression.

Rocker/Reverse Camber Snowboards – whether you believe the first rocker/reverse camber snowboard was the Lib Tech Skate Banana or invented by some snowboard guru in 1986, there is no doubt the shape changed the way you ride a snowboard.

Skate Shoes – theĀ Van Doren family brought grip, board feel, heel protection to skateboarding footwear.


Surf Forecasting – how did we every know where and when a swell would hit before the late Sean Collins?

You Tube – nothing has pushed performance faster than 10,000,000 skaters, snowboarders, surfers posting their talents for all to see.

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