Josh Butler Benefit Jam

Not many people can survive a gunshot wound. Those that do must either be extremely blessed or one of the toughest dudes in the world. Josh Butler seems to be both.

Josh is recovering in record time. Less than three months ago, Josh was laid up in a hospital bed with tubes and bags coming out of his chest, stomach, and intestines. The doctors were unsure if he would survive let alone skate again. With the grit and determination found only in a strong few, Josh found a way and should be back on a board soon.

Physically, Josh is recovering nicely. Financially, the aftermath is still havinging over his head. Josh has ammassed an astronomical amount of medical bills and he needs your help. You and Josh share a common love of skateboarding and through that love you can help him get his life back to normal again. By competing in the Josh Butler Benefit Jam, you will be helping out a fellow skater in his time of need. This contest is not simply about being the best on a skateboard. This contest is about being the best human you can be.

Every penny from the Josh Butler Benefit Jam will be donated to the Josh Butler Medical Fund. Every cent collected in the form of contest entry fees or raffles will go towards making his life whole again. Registration is now open at both Ambush Board Co. and Progressive Skatepark. Sign up now, compete against your friends, win prizes, and make a positive impact in a fellow skateboarder’s life.

Compete in the Josh Butler Benefit Jam on Saturday, March 3rd at Progressive Skatepark. The contest kicks off at 6:00 pm. Entry fee: $20 for product jam, $10 for best trick, $10 for mini-ramp jam.

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