March Radness Recap


This past Saturday we hosted the very first contest, called March Radness, over at the new Kennesaw Skatepark. We had no clue what to expect. We were just hoping for the best and biggest to turn out. I must say it was everything we were wanting and more! People of all age groups were there. Dads competing. Girls competing. Young and old bucks blasting huge airs. Moms and grandmas watching. And, the Vans Tour bus with Tony Alva rolled through. It was great.  Doing raffles throughout the day to keep families entertained. Multiple photographers and videographers covering the event. We really couldn’t ask for much more. After that, it was all up to the skating for the rest of the action, which I was able to get plenty of photos of for you guys to check out. Huge thanks to all the sponsors and people that helped make this contest bad ass!


Street Results

1st Place – Jacob Hayes from Faith Skateshop
2nd Place – Niko Howard
3rd Place – Will Gatewood

Pool Results

1st Place – Gage Gum
2nd Place – Jake Wooten
3rd Place – Racy Corbett

Photo Recap

Old Buck with the FS Indy Grab
Ira Canada Smith Grind
Ambush Team Rider Gary Sargent Showing his Mom Some Love
Ambush Team Rider Josh Butler FS Blunt
The Legend Himself: Stormy Pruett Always on the Mic
Atlanta’s Finest: Jeremiah Babb and Jordan Smith Judging the Show
Little Man with a Nosegrab off the Kicker
Ambush Team Rider Mitch Shutters Smith Grind
Hannah Chumley. Even the Ladies were Rippin’!
Army Veteran Slashing the Coping
Vans Tour Bus
Josh Butler
Families and Friends Watch as Wes Slashes a Front 5-Oh











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