Mazza Mondays: Halloweekend

This past weekend was real good. Josh Butler benefit was a great time. Thanks for everyone that came out and helped! Much respect even though we did see a couple pressure flips, completely stopped tricks, and some clowns not liking the judges calls. Well, at least we know now who didn’t read the last blog!

Let’s not forget that this was the official weekend of Halloween. So you know some weird s#!t was going down. The Spot: Sampson street. Never fails. Buddin had his first Sampson street experience. He definitely seemed like he enjoyed it.

Sunday was a dreadful day. With the sucky weather and Zeke‘s smelly ass socks stinking the whole house up. Everyone just kinda hung out played some COD and slept to recover from the previous night. That’s it for now here some pictures to enjoy.

Starting the day off with the man! Stormy!!!

Yoder filming the action, Josh watching the action, and Jeremy judging the action!

Ambig rep Ernesto came out for the support!

Catnip blew it today

Dustin Hart and Zeke Logan

Zeke smells like poop

Layin’ out the advanced rules.

Dustin Hart Nollie inward heelflippin’

Dustin Hart winning first in advanced! Good job, Dustin!


Gettin’ weird


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