Mazza Mondays: Legacy Game Of Skate



As all of you know this past weekend was the Legacy Game Of Skate. As usual, we had a great turn out, great music, and great people skating, watching, and working the event. Rumor out there that this might have been the last Game of Skate. We might be taking all of our new skate contest to Swift Cantrell Skatepark when it opens. Only time will tell. Big congrats to all of the winners! Lets see who all came out:




Taco Bell’s finest JUAN up in hereeeeee


“Can I stick my middle finger up? Is this going online? I hope my mom doesn’t see this or she will hit me with a switch or a paddle.” – These kids’ moms.


Everybody’s favorite ginger Jordan Smith.


Mitch hyped Tyler not so much.


Isaac throwing up gang signs.


Mini Andy Roy


Kayo rep Jake coming out! What up?!


And the fan favorite! Ambush Team Rider Zeke Logan running the judging

That about sums it up for the many faces that came out to the Game of Skate. This weekend Max and I will be heading down to Tampa for the Tampa Pro! Always an awesome time in Tampa! Well time to get ready for that PEACE!



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