Mazza Mondays: Tampa Pro Brain Still not Recovered

Well, Tampa Pro went off this weekend. Although we were only there for 2 full days, we definitely got the full expierence. Free booze at the park, Christian Hosoi rippin’ vert, and your favorite pros from Grant Taylor to Eric Koston rippin’ the street course. One thing I noticed seeing all these pros in person is how much different they look in person compared to when you see them in videos. Some of those guys its like “damn Ben Raybourn is like 4 feet tall” or “whoa Luan Olivera’s style is way better in person than it is in videos”. Some of these guys are giants! Just dumb stuff like that. Seeing pros skate is awesome. They do the hardest tricks effortlessly every try. I must say it is amazing to have been able to see all that.



Big Boi performing in Ybor City was sick! ATL reppin’. I don’t remember to much after that one. Overall, it was a short but awesome first Tampa Pro experience. I cant wait till next year! Now its back to normal life. My brain is still kinda fried so that’s it for now.






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