Early Season Snowfall

It’s only October 7th and Tahoe has already had its first major snowfall of the season. Ten plus inches fell across Mammoth as well, making this snowboarder super amped for the upcoming season. I know its early and most resorts don’t open for another month…but I can’t help but hope that this is the opening salvo to an amazing year of snowboarding. I guess I’ll just have to satisfy my preseason urges by watching The Art of Flight over and over again until opening day. But…in the back of my mind…I will know that while it is 80 degrees here in Kennesaw, GA…it looks like this right now in Squaw Valley

Vans Tie Dye Day


Tie dye is the new black. At least that’s what it seems like after today’s tie dye day. Ambush Board Co. and Vans teamed up to give our tie dye enthusiasts a channel to get creative. Footwear, tees, hoodies, and socks were all dyed up in an endless array of colors and patterns…and most of them turned out great.

Dyers came from all around to participate in today’s affair. And their reasons for wanting to be a part of the event were just as good as their designs. Want to produce a set of tees that are different from everyone else’s? Make your mark. Spill wine on your favorite white tee? Dye it up and no one can tell. Need an outlet to show how trippy you are? Twist it up and get down. Love Vans and Ambush and want to be a part of what we do? We could only be so lucky. Read More >

Welcome to the new AmbushBoardCo.com

Welcome to the new AmbushBoardCo.com. After 14 years of promoting action sports in the metro Atlanta area, Ambush has now officially entered the e-commerce scene. Until now, Ambush Boarding Co. relied on sister companies BuyWake.com, BuySnow.com, and BuySkateShoes.com to service our online customer. Now we are bringing you everything you need to ride under one virtual roof.

“When we launched Buywake.com in 2001 (and later BuySnow.com, BuySkateShoes.com, CheapSk8Shoes.com), our idea was to keep the brick and mortar store on a pedestal unto its own,” reflects Ambush, Inc. founder Chuck Morrow.

“With the Ambush brand being so strong and the needs of our customer being so diverse, we decided it was time to move forward and e-commerce Ambush Boarding Co.” Read More >

Ambush OG Bobby Sattler – Art Director for Element Skateboards

Bobby Sattler came to us years ago. Being able to inspire and help grow a creative soul has been an honor and privilage for us. The article below was published in Full Sail University’s “Rockstar” section. Congratulations Bobby, we look forward to seeing your passion shine through with Element Skateboards.

Article by: Full Sail University
Digital Arts & Design graduate Bobby Sattler’s two main passions manifested early in life. The first, unsurprisingly, was a knack for trying to communicate ideas visually. “I always made art and I was always interested in art as long as I can remember,” he says. “But thinking back on when I was about 12, because of what I do now, I know essentially that what I was doing was early graphic design work.” Read More >