Park Barge 2012

Obviously there is a ton of people in Kennesaw that skate. We wouldn’t be here without them.  Unfortunately, there really isn’t much around here to skate.  So, we were all talking one day and decided, “Hey, lets pick a few skate rats, throw em in the van, and take them out skating with the team all day.”  So, on June 1st we made it happen.

The homies at Neff to kicked down some goodies for the winners, we loaded up the van with snacks and seats, dragged the team out of bed early, picked 8 dudes to come along for the ride, and hit the road.

Our goal was to warm up at Brook Run Skatepark in Dunwoody, then head towards Gwinnett to check out all their parks.

On the way to Gwinnett, we got rained out. We asked our good friend Mike DeLuca if we could skate Progressive for the rest of the day.  Mike was down and everyone was hyped again.

Good looks, Mike.  Everyone had a blast skating all day.  We hope to do another one soon, hopefully with better weather.  Thanks again to Neff, Mike at Progressive, the Ambush team for comin’ out, and most of all all the kids who shredded with us.  Check out the video below to see what went down.


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