Ruby Tuesdays – Back on it (Thank you Skateboarding)

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a good winter break and a Happy Holiday season!
We got super busy up here at Ambush over the holidays and that made it a little hard to keep up with this blog.
Thank you nonetheless for coming through and keeping us busy!

Welcome to another installment of Ruby Tuesdays!

I’ll start with a question: How many of you guys love music/playing music?
It seems like something that people don’t typically keep on their mind, but music is a big player in everyday life. I know it is for me! I can’t get it off my mind, I constantly think about the music I listen to, the songs I’m learning, and even songs that I’m working on creating! I can’t get enough of it. How did I come to love music so much?

I remember vividly being a little kid and always singing along with the radio on car rides, I could always remember the lyrics really well. Recently, I’ve listened to songs I haven’t heard in a long time and I could still recall the words. It’s astonishing. I grew up listening to mostly 80’s and 90’s music that my parents listened to, and other bands, including favorites of mine such as The Police and The Beatles. Even though I didn’t grow up playing music or being involved with it, I had a budding relationship with music that would start to show its face later on, in middle school. Why middle school?

Because that’s when I started skateboarding.

I remember picking up skateboarding, randomly, in the summer of 6th grade. I had a couple of friends in school who skated, but I wasn’t too interested. I don’t know what did it, I think it had to do with walking into a skate shop for the first time, and seeing how cool everything was. We hadn’t walked in with the intention of getting a skateboard, but I ended up walking out with one. I got a 7.5 Flip logo deck, Indys, Mini Logo bearings, Shorty’s hardware, and Spitfires. I still have that complete in my closet, on the top shelf. Broken kingpins and everything. I can’t be more thankful to the shop dude who hooked me up with such a legit first setup! Because that made me fall in love with the most influential thing I’ve come across in my life. I remember walking out of that shop, TV by the door playing Almost Round Three, seeing Daewon Song gap from trailer to trailer and thinking it was the most badass thing ever.

This love for skateboarding eventually led me to the love of music I have. So many skate videos that I’ve seen have led me to listen to bands that ended up being my favorites for periods of time. Think of how many songs you know or have on your iPod that you’ve found because of a skate video. There are countless bands out there that would not have as much of a following without skateboarding. Think about it: You watch a video, love the song, show your buddy, he tells his girlfriend, she loves it, she tells her friend, and from there on out it gets to someone who would never had heard it. I think that is so awesome.

As I got more and more into skateboarding, through high school, my music taste changed quite a bit. I jumped around from punk rock and hardcore, to rap, then metal, to alternative and eventually what most people label as indie rock. And that is where I am now. With the passing of time, I’ve come to appreciate the beauty of music more and more. I recently (two years ago, in July) got into playing the guitar. That opened up another perspective for me. I listen to music and now it’s more than just enjoyment: I’ll wonder how these musicians are coming up with these sounds and how they’re piecing together this soundscape. I’ve gotten intrigued with a certain riff, or a line that stands out to me, and I’ve tried picking it apart. I think it’s so awesome to see things in a different light like this, the same way that skateboarders would see a set of stairs with a handrail differently than your typical pedestrian. I just love how music and skateboarding go hand in hand. Its a good feeling to look back and see how much music I’ve found because of skateboarding and how many artists I’ve helped support because of skateboarding.

Here’s Daryl Angel skating to Twelve Roses, by Beach Fossils.

It’s funny to see how much influence skateboarding has had on my life. Not only did it introduce me to music, and photography, but I’ve made a lot of friends because of it. Last summer, Tyler Lee, who also works at the shop, and I decided to get together for a jam session. We had always joked about forming a band and playing shows and all that. I never thought it would happen. We jammed and it was super fun. We figured we would do that again sometime. Then one day, a guy named Vince came into the shop looking for bushings for his cruiser. We hit it off, had an interesting conversation about music and skateboarding, and I ended up inviting him to come jam with us one day. When he finally came to play music with us, everything clicked. Playing music made sense. That was the most awesome feeling. I didn’t know Tyler so well previous to this and I didn’t know Vince at all, but now they are two of my best friends. We play in a band together now and creating music is one of the most satisfying experiences. And I owe it all to skateboarding.

So thank you skateboarding, for all of the awesome things you have introduced me to. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without you.

Our band, Space Orphan, is playing a show at the Masquerade on March 2nd, 2013 for the Wicked Winter Fest. We would love it if you guys would come out and have fun with us. We’ll have more details on this next week. You can come get tickets from me or Tyler Lee starting next week. Thanks!

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