Ruby Tuesdays: Randoms

Welcome back for another installment of Ruby Tuesdays!

As of lately, I haven’t really had too much of a chance to blog, just trying to get back on it. I’ve been pretty busy here at the shop and outside of work and school, working on the whole music thing with Tyler and Vince. Pretty stoked on it. We’ve got a lot we’re working on, a lot of writing, trying to give some more structure to these songs.

By the way, our band Space Orphan is playing at the Masquerade this Saturday for The Wicked Winter Festival! It’s our first show! Tickets are $15; try and come out, it will be super fun, all local bands all day from 11am to 11pm. You can come get tickets from Tyler Lee or myself up at the shop, we need to sell them by Thursday, so just let us know. We aren’t sure of what time we’ll be playing yet because ticket sales determine time slots, so help us get a good time!
Here’s the facebook link to the event, we’d appreciate the support!

Speaking of live music, I’ve been really stoked on this band Foals lately. They’re an indie rock/dance punk/math rock band from Oxford, England. Good stuff, they just put out their new album, Holy Fire, and it’s pretty sick. I brought this up because they’re coming to Atlanta on April 30, playing at The Goat Farm Arts Center with Surfer Blood and Blondfire. Foals is also playing Bonnaroo Music Festival in June, which I’m really excited for. Such a good lineup. I’ll be seeing them twice, hell yeah. Check em out! Here’s a single, Inhaler, off of their new album:

Another thing that caught my eye recently was this new Austyn Gillette video part from Cosmic Vomit 2. Bleached hair and Juicy J? Hell yeah! It’s not your typical Austyn Gillette part, but it’s still good.

I actually have had 3 pairs of his shoes, and I was surprised at how good they skate. That’s all I’ve been riding for now, on my third pair right now. They’ve got amazing boardfeel, some pretty nice padding in the footbed, and they just simply look good! Check out a pair if you have the chance, I would definitely recommend them.

I wish we had a video of us playing or some tracks to show you guys, but we don’t! You’ll just have to trust us when we say it’s good!
We hope you guys can make it out to the show Saturday, see you there!
Other than that, I don’t have much else to tell you about today, some things will have to wait…
I’ll leave you with this, later!

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