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I’ve been watching the Winter X-Games the past few days and it has got me pumped for snowboarding. That coupled with some new videos like The Art of Flight and Defenders of Awesome have made me all about some fresh pow pow this season. The only problem is…I haven’t seen any. I have only had the chance to ride the East Coast so far this year and I am a little embarrassed to admit it. The times I was able to go looked something like this:

From what I have heard and read, the West coast hasn’t got much snow love either. Danny Kass has been kickin’ it in Park City a lot this year, but he fled to Japan for a while to find his pow pow.

If you’re watching live camera feeds of snowfall (or lack there of) and are totally bummed about it like I am, I’ve found a video to lift your spirits. Hopefully our season isn’t over yet! Pray for snow!

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