Size Your Snowboard Right

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No, not Christmas. Not Thanksgiving. And, definitely not Halloween. It’s snowboard season and it will be here before you know it.

The mornings are getting cooler, the leaves are starting to turn colors, and the mountains of Colorado, Utah, and California are making their preparations for the season. So, what are you doing to get ready?

Most people start the season by assessing their gear and making sure they have everything they need to maximize their riding performance. After working in the snowboard industry for over fifteen years, I have found that the biggest problem most people have with their gear is that it is not sized correctly (thus hindering performance). Everyone seems to know how to fit a boot (start with your shoes size and make sure your longest toe is barely grazing the end of the boot liner) and the bindings simply need to match fit with your boots. But, snowboarders get stumped on how to size their board.

There is a ton of misinformation out there. Some info, such as “your snowboard should be tall enough to where the tip should be between your chin and your nose”, are purely urban legend. I mean, seriously, all snowboards in the industry could fall between your chin and nose. Other info, such as “you need a wide board for anyone who wears over a size 10 shoe”, is just slightly inaccurate. But, it all matters to the overall performance of your stick.

So, I have created this size chart to help you all out. You want to be at the bottom of the weight range if you want more control over your board. You want to be near the top of the weight range if you want the board to store a little more energy, ride faster, and ride more aggressively. And, you can ride rocker boards roughly 2 cm shorter than this chart suggests. And, you only need a wide board if your boot size is 11.5 or larger. Otherwise, it may be tougher to move your sled from edge to edge. Happy snowboarding!

Board Size in Centimeters Rider Weight Range
140 cm 75-95 lbs
141 cm 80-100 lbs
142 cm 85-105 lbs
143 cm 90-110 lbs
144 cm 95-115 lbs
145 cm 100-120 lbs
146 cm 105-125 lbs
147 cm 110-130 lbs
148 cm 110-135 lbs
149 cm 115-135 lbs
150 cm 120-140 lbs
151 cm 125-145 lbs
152 cm 130-150 lbs
153 cm 135-155 lbs
154 cm 140-160 lbs
155 cm 145-165 lbs
156 cm 150-170 lbs
157 cm 155-175 lbs
158 cm 160-185 lbs
159 cm 170-200 lbs
160 cm 180-210 lbs
161 cm 190-220 lbs
162 cm 195-225 lbs
163 cm 200-230 lbs
164 cm 210-240 lbs
165 cm 220+


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