Stormy Pruett: 10 Years Deep

Rarely in life do you meet someone who is exactly the same on the outside as they are on the inside.  It’s not often that you come across an individual who acts the same in front of people as they do when no one is around. Or have your back when shit is on the line. Or live above the fray. It’s rare to find someone who is as good of a friend or better to you than you are to them. And IF you ever find that special person, consider yourself mighty lucky you are able to share 10 years with them.

This month marks Stormy‘s tenth year at Ambush. Throughout that time, Ambush and Stormy have grown together, evolved together and become synonymous with one another. So, how do you reward that kind of extended passion and loyalty? Forget the golden watch, its all about skateboarding, baby.

Introducing the Stormy Pruett/10 Years Deep limited edition deck. The board features pop art style graphics by Austin Fehn and a heartfelt tribute by myself and Jeremiah Babb shrink-wrapped inside. The board is available in-store only.

Stormy Pruett and Jeremiah Babb - Friends for Life
Stormy Pruett and Jeremiah Babb – Friends for Life

Beyond Ambush, Stormy is a dedicated husband and father, a caring friend to all, and is on the Mount Rushmore of Atlanta skateboarding. Thank you Stormy for all you are. Thank you for all you have given skateboarding. Thank you for your commitment and passion. And, thank you for all you have devoted to me and Ambush.

Stormy and Finley
Stormy and Finley

We have had a lot of great years together…but nowhere near enough. Here’s to ten more.

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