Remote Ben Horan x Ambush LTD 40″ Wakeskate

When this idea came to light it was a no brainer.  Ben Horan has one of the greatest attitudes and it shows not only in his style, but his work ethic.  We gave Ben complete creative freedom with this project and a understanding that only a select few would have the opportunity to own a true limited wakeskate.  The eleven skates available for purchase make this a hyperstrike.  The result speaks for itself…a 40″ Swamp Thing that demands respect and should be used to its fullest potential.  Ben went even further with this project and provided the Aquarium Hardgoods grip tape and Aquarium Hardgoods Reggie Fin.  Ok…we must confess we have one hanging in our office, but it’s a nod to the Ambush archive of success in promoting wakeskating.  Our support and passion run deep and our Team Riders; Josh Zentmeyer, Danny Hampson, and Ben Horan. Read More >

Pro Wakeboard Tour // VIP Giveaway Contest

The King Of Wake returns to Acworth May 17-18, 2013. As always, the crew from Atlanta’s best wakeboard shop will be on the beach throwin’ shine and radiating rad.  Act fast and you could win three VIP spots at Dallas Landing Beach to watch the best wakeboarders in the world battle it out in front of 8,000 beach goers.

Sign up here →

Main Event: The Main Event takes place on Saturday, May 18, 2013 from noon to 7pm. Peep the video link below for a taste of what went down last year. Also, don’t miss the Pro Wakeboard Block Party takes place from 7pm to 11pm in downtown Acworth.

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Ambush Boarding Company

(770) 420-9111

Ruby Tuesdays-‘Tis the Season

Hey guys! Welcome back to another installment of Ruby Tuesdays!

As you may have noticed, Spring is here. The weather is getting nicer, the days are getting longer, and there is pollen on EVERYTHING. I hate pollen.
It’s been making it quite difficult to get motivated to go out and skate, by the time I get out my allergies start to act up. Which sucks, cause it’s getting to be perfect skating weather now, and school is almost out.
Lee brought up a good point earlier, that this is the second best time of the year to skate only because of the pollen. Besides that, the weather is amazing and the days are getting longer.

Granted that not too much skating has been going on for me, we’ve been keeping up with our band, Space Orphan.
We played a show last Friday at the ARTS AGAINST HIERARCHY DIY art show at The Arts Exchange, downtown. It was quite an interesting experience, the Arts Exchange is this super run down, old building tucked away behind some trees off of I-20 East. It was a benefit art show with all proceeds going towards the building of the Atlanta Social Center, with free admission. I wasn’t really sure what to expect when we arrived there. It was a cool vibe, definitely not what I expected though. We hung out for about an hour, checked out some local art, and watched our new friend Josh Loner play an acoustic set in the main hallway for about 20 minutes. The guy has some interesting subject matter in his songs, and he was really nice too. He had a powerful voice, that dude could wail! Read More >

Ruby Tuesdays: Tunes, yo.

Hey! Welcome back to another installment of Ruby Tuesdays!

As of lately, it seems like life has been going pretty well! Good vibes, good people, and good times! Tyler and I’s band, Space Orphan, played our first show on March 2nd, in Heaven at the Masquerade, and it was a fantastic time. We got to play at 9:00 pm and couldn’t have made it happen without you guys. Thanks so much to everyone for supporting us and coming out! Lee did a blog post a couple weeks back on it, check it out here.
Skateboarding has been slowly making its way back into my routine now that the weather is getting better, which is quite exciting. Time to get some clips, I hope you guys are ready for the 24 hour video contest coming up! Read More >

Legacy Game Of SKATE – Instagram Roundup

Last week, we asked you guys to share your photos from the Legacy Game Of SKATE on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #ABCGOS. You guys tagged nearly 100 photos. Here are some of the ones that we are most stoked on. Thanks for coming out and congrats to everyone who won their division or killed it in the raffle. Shouts to all of our sponsors for making it happen. One love.

*Re-cap and official results to come

Pop. Flick. BOLTS.
@skigggs with a fakie flip at the Ambush Game Of Skate photo @mazzzaaa #abcgos #fiendclub
Stormy on the mic
#ABCGOS @seaboard by @17skywalker2
Youth! by @Jaaa_nelle
Travis Glover cam
@ambushboardco game of skate is poppin off! #abcgos by @tgloves
Mean mug
by @lainedesiree
by @shareef_grady
T-shirt - Front
Played at the @ambushboardco game of skate. Lost but it's all good. #sk8life #skatelife #skateanddestroy #skateeverydamnday #abcgos2013 by @xravingwitzombiezx
I always love when @ambushboardco has the GOS...good to be around a shitload of skaters who are all like minded and fighting or anything...everyone I chill and skate day I've had in a banged up and some bruises but it's all well worth that shit...from the perfect skate sesh to the gnarly slams...I love skateboarding all the more than a sport or hobby it's a MOTHERFUCKING LIFESTYLE BITCH! #abcgos #NOTtryingToBeCockyButCheckOutThatPop #FlannelsOverGooches #IwillMentionGoochesInEveryTagFromNowOn #GOOOOOOOOOOCH #IneedHelpWithShavingMyGoochAnyVolunteers? #HairyGoochProblem #LAUGHatMYtagsELYSHA hahsha lol by @most_edible_gooch
The dance floor
by @forever_rollin
This random kid was layin on the wall at @ambushboardco today by @istalker1219
Huge thanks to all our sponsors!
Huge thanks to all our sponsors



The Slingshot Space Pickle

You’ve never seen a board like the Space Pickle.  An all new ultra-wide thumb tail design that’s sure to take your wave riding to the next level.

“We’ve been having a lot of fun with the Space Pickle this year.” Slingshot explains. “Obviously it’s great in the surf, but the guys have really been crushing it behind the boat. It’s a blast.”

Check out the Space Pickle in action behind the boat. If you’re looking for a low impact, fun way to work your lower and upper body…then look no further.

Stop by the shop and see what the Slingshot Space Pickle is all about. For pricing, availability, paddle sizing and more, give us a call at 770-420-9111. Read More >

Ruby Tuesdays: Randoms

Welcome back for another installment of Ruby Tuesdays!

As of lately, I haven’t really had too much of a chance to blog, just trying to get back on it. I’ve been pretty busy here at the shop and outside of work and school, working on the whole music thing with Tyler and Vince. Pretty stoked on it. We’ve got a lot we’re working on, a lot of writing, trying to give some more structure to these songs.

By the way, our band Space Orphan is playing at the Masquerade this Saturday for The Wicked Winter Festival! It’s our first show! Tickets are $15; try and come out, it will be super fun, all local bands all day from 11am to 11pm. You can come get tickets from Tyler Lee or myself up at the shop, we need to sell them by Thursday, so just let us know. We aren’t sure of what time we’ll be playing yet because ticket sales determine time slots, so help us get a good time!
Here’s the facebook link to the event, we’d appreciate the support! Read More >

Ruby Tuesdays – Back on it (Thank you Skateboarding)

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a good winter break and a Happy Holiday season!
We got super busy up here at Ambush over the holidays and that made it a little hard to keep up with this blog.
Thank you nonetheless for coming through and keeping us busy!

Welcome to another installment of Ruby Tuesdays!

I’ll start with a question: How many of you guys love music/playing music?
It seems like something that people don’t typically keep on their mind, but music is a big player in everyday life. I know it is for me! I can’t get it off my mind, I constantly think about the music I listen to, the songs I’m learning, and even songs that I’m working on creating! I can’t get enough of it. How did I come to love music so much? Read More >

Travis Glover Skates Boston

Travis Glover is popping up everywhere: Gwinnett, Cobb, NYC, Tampa, Philly… and now Boston.

“Travis Glover is a cool calm individual who eats kinked rails for breakfast,” explains Elliott Vecchia. “This was filmed over the course of 2 days in Boston MA.”