Kayla Medina in the Ambush “Puff” Beanie

For this quick set of photos, Kayla found an long brick wall up on the roof of her apartment that she wanted to check out. Five sets of stairs and a cup of coffee later (thanks Darah), the sun was starting to peak above the horizon and the light shaped up nicely. Here Kayla is rocking the Thrasher ‘Goat’ logo tee, a pair of SPY Alcatraz glasses, and the Ambush Premium ‘Puff’ beanie in Dolphin.

*The Thrasher ‘Goat’ logo tee and the Ambush Premium ‘Puff’ beanie are both available in-store

Click for details

Click for details Click for detailsClick for detailsClick for details*The Thrasher ‘Goat’ logo tee and the Ambush Premium ‘Puff’ beanie are both available now in-store

Vans Catch The Bus Tour!

To kick off the release of the huge new Spring ’12 Vans apparel and shoe line, Vans sent the tour bus down to chill with us all day. Vitamin Water was there for the fun too which was much needed since it was molten hot all day.

We’ve chilled with Rob Dyrdek, we’ve hosted Baker, Fallen, Mystery, Real and many more, but on Saturday we got to hang with Ray Barbee, one of the most influential skateboarders of all time. OF ALL TIME! And the man couldn’t have been any cooler.

When I arrived, the parking lot and store were all ready out of control. With 20% off Vans products all day what would you expect? I whipped out the old Stevie Williams Ramp Logic box and the ledge slashing began immediately. Vans kicked off the contests with a best trick on the box, then gave out some free shoes to the kid with the most busted pair on his feet. A whole van full of product was given away throughout the day and the kids were hyped. Read More >

Black Friday Sale

A couple of my friends are leaving their respective Thanksgiving celebrations early to camp out at Best Buy for some ultra cheap TV. They are spending their turkey day not with family…but in a parking lot. Why? To save money.

We are a little more sane here at Ambush. We are having a nice little Black Friday Sale where you can save a bunch of money. But…we won’t make you stand in line for hours and get trampled by the big box barbarians. This sale is for everyone and it lasts all day.

$100 off any 2012 complete snowboard (board, boot, and binding)

$20 off any complete skateboard

Buy one get one 50% off on all clothing (of equal or lesser value)

And, for those of you who like to get up early, take an extra 10% off from 7 am – 10 am. Read More >

Welcome to the new AmbushBoardCo.com

Welcome to the new AmbushBoardCo.com. After 14 years of promoting action sports in the metro Atlanta area, Ambush has now officially entered the e-commerce scene. Until now, Ambush Boarding Co. relied on sister companies BuyWake.com, BuySnow.com, and BuySkateShoes.com to service our online customer. Now we are bringing you everything you need to ride under one virtual roof.

“When we launched Buywake.com in 2001 (and later BuySnow.com, BuySkateShoes.com, CheapSk8Shoes.com), our idea was to keep the brick and mortar store on a pedestal unto its own,” reflects Ambush, Inc. founder Chuck Morrow.

“With the Ambush brand being so strong and the needs of our customer being so diverse, we decided it was time to move forward and e-commerce Ambush Boarding Co.” Read More >

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