Go Skateboarding Day!!




Well as we all know June 21st is national Go Skateboarding Day, a day where skateboarders come together as one and skate our asses off from morning throughout the night.

Go Skateboarding Day June 21
Go Skateboarding Day
June 21

Over here at Ambush, we setup a fun little event. We had the legend Stormy Pruett whipping up the hot dogs and hamburgers, a bunch of flat bars, ledges, and ramps in the parking lot, free Red Bulls to keep the kids pushing all day long, Space Orphan playing live music, and a high ollie contest.  Ambush’s very own Josh Butler took the high ollie contest. I’m not sure how high it was but it was high! lol

The Go Skateboarding Day Setup
The Go Skateboarding Day Setup
Stormy setting up the High Ollie Contest
Stormy setting up the High Ollie Contest
Josh Butler Winner of the High Ollie Contest
Josh Butler Winner of the High Ollie Contest
Zoey on the Scene
Zoey on the Scene

We also had the new Sk8Mafia video playing all day in the shop. All I have to say is WOW. This video is amazing. The skating is awesome. There are definitely multiple tricks in this video that I have never seen done before and they are all done with style!  There have been a lot of videos that have dropped this year and this is gonna have to be my 2nd favorite right behind The DeathWish Video! Make sure to come out to the premiere at Jack’s Pizza on June 26th. Read More >

Mazza Mondays: Legacy Game Of Skate



As all of you know this past weekend was the Legacy Game Of Skate. As usual, we had a great turn out, great music, and great people skating, watching, and working the event. Rumor out there that this might have been the last Game of Skate. We might be taking all of our new skate contest to Swift Cantrell Skatepark when it opens. Only time will tell. Big congrats to all of the winners! Lets see who all came out:




Taco Bell’s finest JUAN up in hereeeeee


“Can I stick my middle finger up? Is this going online? I hope my mom doesn’t see this or she will hit me with a switch or a paddle.” – These kids’ moms. Read More >

Skate Team Spring Edit

It looks like winter is over, and spring time is here.  Longer days, and more sun means more time out in the streets skating.  Check out this clip of our team doing what they do best, and get psyched to go do the same.

Be sure to come by the shop and hang with the team this Saturday at the Game of Skate.  You might even win some stuff.


Josh Butler Benefit Game of Skate

Josh Butler is family. Ever need a friend, Josh is there to oblige. Looking for a good time, Josh is your man. Need someone to talk to, Josh will listen. Josh has all of the characteristics you would want in a brother, friend, team rider, son, and even your daughter’s boyfriend. So, when Josh desperately needs your help, you better give it your all.

For those of you that don’t know, Josh Butler was shot in the abdomen during a robbery last year. He has made a full recovery, but his medical bills are devastating. And although Josh would never ask for our help, we know how truly deserving and thankful for the help he would be.

The Josh Butler Benefit Game of Skate raised over $2,000 for the Josh Butler Medical Fund. And, it was a super good time. Special thanks to all of you that came out to support. Your participation went a long way towards helping Josh get his life back to normal. Read More >

Mazza Mondays: Halloweekend

This past weekend was real good. Josh Butler benefit was a great time. Thanks for everyone that came out and helped! Much respect even though we did see a couple pressure flips, completely stopped tricks, and some clowns not liking the judges calls. Well, at least we know now who didn’t read the last blog!

Let’s not forget that this was the official weekend of Halloween. So you know some weird s#!t was going down. The Spot: Sampson street. Never fails. Buddin had his first Sampson street experience. He definitely seemed like he enjoyed it.

Sunday was a dreadful day. With the sucky weather and Zeke‘s smelly ass socks stinking the whole house up. Everyone just kinda hung out played some COD and slept to recover from the previous night. That’s it for now here some pictures to enjoy. Read More >

The Josh Butler Benefit Game of S.K.A.T.E.| Instagram Roundup

follow us @ambushboardcoThis past weekend we hosted the seventeenth game of skate in Ambush history, the Josh Butler Benefit Game of S.K.A.T.E. You guys shared nearly 110 of  your Game of Skate pictures using the hashtag #Ambush GOS on Instagram and Twitter. Here are some of our favorites. Thanks for sharing!

Huge thanks to Red Bull, the Foxbox girls, and all of the contributing sponsors for helping make the Josh Butler Benefit Game of S.K.A.T.E. a success.


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Ambush Demo at Found Skatepark

Most of our team riders have been out killing themselves trying to wrap up their parts for the SEC III video.  This can be pretty stressful on the body and mind.  So to blow off some steam, we decided to put on a demo where you can get a small taste of what’s to come in the video.

The demo is going down August 31st at Found Skatepark in Elijay, GA.  We’re getting the whole team together for a day of skating, giveaways, and good times.  Come hang out and watch these dudes do what they do best.  Featuring: Josh Butler, Gary Sargent, Dustin Hart, Jordan Smith, Stormy Pruett, Zeke Logan, Trey Abad and Travis Glover.  It all starts at 6:00 pm, Found Skatepark 12 Hefener St #113, East Elijay, Ga 30540. Read More >

Park Barge 2012

Obviously there is a ton of people in Kennesaw that skate. We wouldn’t be here without them.  Unfortunately, there really isn’t much around here to skate.  So, we were all talking one day and decided, “Hey, lets pick a few skate rats, throw em in the van, and take them out skating with the team all day.”  So, on June 1st we made it happen.

The homies at Neff to kicked down some goodies for the winners, we loaded up the van with snacks and seats, dragged the team out of bed early, picked 8 dudes to come along for the ride, and hit the road.

Our goal was to warm up at Brook Run Skatepark in Dunwoody, then head towards Gwinnett to check out all their parks.

Read More >

Skate with the Ambush Team

Ever wonder what Stormy’s like in real life? Does Dustin talk? Is Mitch really as cool as he looks? Does Zeke land everything first try? What does Josh’s bullet hole look like?

Get to know the Ambush skate team from an insider’s point of view. How? By winning a day of skating with the Ambush team.

On June 1st at 11:00 am, four skaters and a friend (8 total) will be chosen at random and taken in the van for a day of skating with the Ambush team. The winners will visit some of the area skateparks (Bay Creek, DeShong, and Mountain Park), enjoy snacks, drinks and gift pack courtesy of Neff, and be featured in a video montage skating with the Ambush crew. The winners will be dropped back off in the Ambush parking lot at 7:00 pm that evening. And, the event is totally FREE. Read More >

Josh Butler Benefit Jam

The Ambush Josh Butler Benefit Jam at Progressive Skatepark was a success. Lets cut to the chase: We raised $3,015 throughout the event through raffles and entry fees. Everybody was happy. Josh got a good chunk of change to help out his medical bills and every single kid walked out with at least one prize. If you didn’t walk away with something, then you probably were not there.

The epic grom sessions were epic, the adult jams were insane, and the mini ramp jams were pretty wild. I don’t know what the parents are feeding their kids up there in Canton, but some of those 13 and under kids were hitting more rails than the big boys. The best trick event down the double set, big hubba, and the bank got the crowd screaming. One kid tre-flip 5-0’d the big hubba with a bottom grill in his mouth. Another board flipping guru landed a triple dolphin flip (or foward flip, or thunder flip whatever the hell you want to call it) down the bank. Mike at Progressive had quite a few brains to clean up off the floor because that kid BLEW MINDS. Read More >