Mazza Mondays: Next Week Will be Better

If you haven’t seen the Girl video Pretty Sweet, you havent seen life! This video is amazing. Never been done before tricks. I can’t give away too much, so yeah, we got a few left at the shop. I suggest coming down and grabbing one before there gone! Looks super sick in HD and Blu Ray if you got a Blu Ray DVD player!

Thursday, Travis Glover and I will be heading down to Skatepark Of Tampa for the 20th Tampa AM! Always a good time down there. Whether it’s enjoying the contest, eating some great food, meeting a bunch of awesome people, getting kicked out of your hotel, kicked out of bars, and  meeting crazy bums. Tampa is the s#!t!

So sorry for such a weak Mazza Mondays. After SEC3, I’ve mostly just been at home chillin’, enjoying the holidays and working! Your Mazza Monday will be back in full force next Monday with some good stuff from Tampa!! Until then Happy Holidays don’t kill anyone while shopping! Except for your wallet 😉 Read More >

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