2017 Snowboard Setups with the Nicks

New Year, New Gear…right?  We seriously hate that saying, but there is something about getting a new snowboard setup in the New Year that has us feeling a certain type of way.   Nick Gaddy and Nick Mertes are OG Ambush dudes.  Our homeboy Cole Vanthof set off to Utah to catch up with these dudes to see what they are rocking for this 2016/2017 snowboard season.  These guys are characters no doubt, but their riding style is legit.  Watch these two product videos and peep the gear links and make a wise purchase this year.

Nick Gaddy’s Setup:


2017 CAPiTA DOA Snowboard:

2017 Capita DOA Snowboard


2017 Union Contact Binding (Scott Stevens):

2017 Union Contact Binding



Nick Mertes’ Setup:


2017 Burton Flight Attendant Snowboard:

2017 Burton Flight Attendant Snowboard

2017 Burton Cartel EST Binding (Black):

2017 Burton Cartel EST Binding (Black)



We really want to thank the crew at Burton, CAPiTA, and Union for dialing in our friends this season, and we are really stoked to help spread snowboarding to more people every year.  If these snowboard products didn’t appeal to you, which we would find hard to believe, but you’re interested in seeing the other badass snowboarding brands we carry, hit our snowboarding page and tickle your eyeballs and hopefully your souls. Read More >

Emerica: Made Chapter One – Video Review

Skate videos have come a long way in the past ten years.  They’ve gone from mini dv cams and riding around in Honda Civics to month-long filming trips in China with movie cameras, dollies, staged “lifestyle shots”. People are even re-filming tricks because their shoe laces were tied funny.  All this is great for the progression of things, but I personally find more value in the older, rawer videos form yesteryear. That brings us to Emerica‘s newest video offering; MADE – Chapter One.

MADE is a rare bird in today’s video world. Jon Miner and the Emerica team seem to have found the perfect balance between the new technology and techniques, while still holding on to what makes skate videos and skateboarding in general so badass.  The first page of the photo book that comes with the DVD nails it on the head pretty perfectly: Read More >

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