2016 March Radness Skateboard Contest


Being a meteorologist has to be the cushiest job out there. All you have to do is make some haphazard prediction once a day about what the weather will be like in the coming hours. You don’t even have to be right. In fact, you can be dead wrong the vast majority of the time and no one would ever call you on your crap. I’d love to be able to BS my way through life, but that wouldn’t make for a very good experience for you guys. And, if skaters were able to BS their ways through their craft, there would be no where near the level of skateboarding we saw at this year’s March Radness.

Weather predictions aside, every March we are honored to bring you the raddest (pun intended) grassroots skateboard contest around. March Radness was an epic battle between the area’s top skaters. Standouts from the street division include Reggie Kelly, Tommy Stephan, Greyson Beal, Yosef Bubes, Robin Magby, Niko Howard, Wes Lembo, Gage Gum, Carson Lybbert, Grant Stavas, and Bobby Henson. The semi-finals were a who’s who of Atlanta skateboarding. In the finals, Jake Wooten’s edged out Greyson Beal and Tommy Stephan for the win. Read More >

Game of Skate #22

The rain has been torturous these past two weeks. It’s been impossible to skate throughout the entirety of ATL’s best skating season. The rain postponed Game of Skate 22 once. And, when the skies tried to shut down Game of Skate 22 for a second time, we said “nope”. Welcome to the first Game of Skate ever played inside the shop.

It was a little crazy trying to pack everyone into the shop. Much thanks to those that adapted to the circumstances with us. That’s what skateboarding is all about.

In the end, it was a battle. Here are the Division Winners:

Beginner Division:
1st Place: Andrew Bladwin
2nd Place: Gilberto Ortiz
3rd Place: Nathan Chao

Intermediate Division:
1st Place: John Summerour
2nd Place: Juan Alcantar
3rd Place: Daniel Garcia Read More >

This tool fits in your pocket and can assemble an entire skateboard

Last Fall, Leatherman Tools® a.k.a. “The Original American Tool Company” decided to put over thirty years of tool R&D into creating a line of pocket tools designed for skateboarders. The idea was to create a multi-tool that could assemble and disassemble an entire skateboard and still find a comfortable place in your pocket. Mission accomplished.

Last weekend one of our in-house skate wizards, Ben Mercer, decided to put a Letherman Grind to the test. After a lengthy morning session of skating and board building, Ben gives you his two cents on the Leatherman Grind.

Unsnapped image of the Leatherman Grind pocket Skateboard Tool

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Ambush Summer Calendar

Summer sucks. Summer is rad. I love the summer time. I hate the summer. The heat is unbearable. Sweat, sweat, sweat. I’m thirsty thinking about it. The nights are wild. The parties are epic. The days are longer. The sessions are longer. The sessions are better. I love summertime.

Now that summer has once again reared its beautifully ugly head, we have some upcoming events to help you enjoy your arduously short yet acutely long summer. Let the radness begin.


Ronix Wakeskate/Wakeboard Demo Day – June 12th
Take a set with Reed Hansen behind the Ambush Nautique. Demo your favorite Ronix wakeboards, wakeskates, and surfers. Learn a few tricks from one of wakeskating’s premier shredders. And, it is totally FREE. Read More >

Josh Butler Benefit Jam

Not many people can survive a gunshot wound. Those that do must either be extremely blessed or one of the toughest dudes in the world. Josh Butler seems to be both.

Josh is recovering in record time. Less than three months ago, Josh was laid up in a hospital bed with tubes and bags coming out of his chest, stomach, and intestines. The doctors were unsure if he would survive let alone skate again. With the grit and determination found only in a strong few, Josh found a way and should be back on a board soon.

Physically, Josh is recovering nicely. Financially, the aftermath is still havinging over his head. Josh has ammassed an astronomical amount of medical bills and he needs your help. You and Josh share a common love of skateboarding and through that love you can help him get his life back to normal again. By competing in the Josh Butler Benefit Jam, you will be helping out a fellow skater in his time of need. This contest is not simply about being the best on a skateboard. This contest is about being the best human you can be. Read More >

Rise and Shine

Never mind Nyjah Huston, here’s Gary Sargent. Local BroFriend Greg has a board company called DEADSNAKE, and it is sick. Ambush team riders Gary, Rhett, and J.J. are repping Greg’s wood and tearing up spots with it. Check this link to their “Scumbag Beach” promo and get your mind blown. VIDEO

After you are done watching that, go add DeadSnake on Facebook to see regularly posted videos of skateboarding goodness. These guys do it right, so next time you’re in the shop pick up a DeadSnake and support your local lurker.

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