Stormy Pruett: 10 Years Deep

Rarely in life do you meet someone who is exactly the same on the outside as they are on the inside.  It’s not often that you come across an individual who acts the same in front of people as they do when no one is around. Or have your back when shit is on the line. Or live above the fray. It’s rare to find someone who is as good of a friend or better to you than you are to them. And IF you ever find that special person, consider yourself mighty lucky you are able to share 10 years with them.

This month marks Stormy‘s tenth year at Ambush. Throughout that time, Ambush and Stormy have grown together, evolved together and become synonymous with one another. So, how do you reward that kind of extended passion and loyalty? Forget the golden watch, its all about skateboarding, baby. Read More >

New Lineup of Ambush Premium Apparel

Clothing makes a statement. No matter if you wear skinny jeans and Toms, baggy gangster threads, or dress in all black, the clothes you wear say something about you. Everyone tries to claim that it doesn’t, but even the most forward thinkers have their uniform.

The emphasis of the new Ambush Premium Apparel line was to make a statement as well. We wanted to break away from the usual centered corpo logo hit and branch out into more cutting edge designs. We added some edgier pieces like the Roll One tee, paid homage to our resident skateboarding legend with the Stormy Knows tee, and made an attempt at quality cut and sew with the Echo 3/4 sleeve henley.


But, my favorite segment of the new line is the artist series. We enlisted talented local artists to create designs that displayed their skills. Each shirt has a unique feel based on the style of the artist. Charles Chatov of Only You Tattoo, B-Mac of Danger Press, and Stewart Hohman of Oh Man Illustrations all came up with their own creations. And, Damian Bradley of, the winner of our 15th Anniversary T-Shirt Design contest, showcased his talents with his “Soviet” graphic. Read More >

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