Mazza Mondays: Legacy Game Of Skate



As all of you know this past weekend was the Legacy Game Of Skate. As usual, we had a great turn out, great music, and great people skating, watching, and working the event. Rumor out there that this might have been the last Game of Skate. We might be taking all of our new skate contest to Swift Cantrell Skatepark when it opens. Only time will tell. Big congrats to all of the winners! Lets see who all came out:




Taco Bell’s finest JUAN up in hereeeeee


“Can I stick my middle finger up? Is this going online? I hope my mom doesn’t see this or she will hit me with a switch or a paddle.” – These kids’ moms. Read More >

New Lineup of Ambush Premium Apparel

Clothing makes a statement. No matter if you wear skinny jeans and Toms, baggy gangster threads, or dress in all black, the clothes you wear say something about you. Everyone tries to claim that it doesn’t, but even the most forward thinkers have their uniform.

The emphasis of the new Ambush Premium Apparel line was to make a statement as well. We wanted to break away from the usual centered corpo logo hit and branch out into more cutting edge designs. We added some edgier pieces like the Roll One tee, paid homage to our resident skateboarding legend with the Stormy Knows tee, and made an attempt at quality cut and sew with the Echo 3/4 sleeve henley.


But, my favorite segment of the new line is the artist series. We enlisted talented local artists to create designs that displayed their skills. Each shirt has a unique feel based on the style of the artist. Charles Chatov of Only You Tattoo, B-Mac of Danger Press, and Stewart Hohman of Oh Man Illustrations all came up with their own creations. And, Damian Bradley of, the winner of our 15th Anniversary T-Shirt Design contest, showcased his talents with his “Soviet” graphic. Read More >

Ambush Demo at Found Skatepark

Most of our team riders have been out killing themselves trying to wrap up their parts for the SEC III video.  This can be pretty stressful on the body and mind.  So to blow off some steam, we decided to put on a demo where you can get a small taste of what’s to come in the video.

The demo is going down August 31st at Found Skatepark in Elijay, GA.  We’re getting the whole team together for a day of skating, giveaways, and good times.  Come hang out and watch these dudes do what they do best.  Featuring: Josh Butler, Gary Sargent, Dustin Hart, Jordan Smith, Stormy Pruett, Zeke Logan, Trey Abad and Travis Glover.  It all starts at 6:00 pm, Found Skatepark 12 Hefener St #113, East Elijay, Ga 30540. Read More >

Park Barge 2012

Obviously there is a ton of people in Kennesaw that skate. We wouldn’t be here without them.  Unfortunately, there really isn’t much around here to skate.  So, we were all talking one day and decided, “Hey, lets pick a few skate rats, throw em in the van, and take them out skating with the team all day.”  So, on June 1st we made it happen.

The homies at Neff to kicked down some goodies for the winners, we loaded up the van with snacks and seats, dragged the team out of bed early, picked 8 dudes to come along for the ride, and hit the road.

Our goal was to warm up at Brook Run Skatepark in Dunwoody, then head towards Gwinnett to check out all their parks.

Read More >

Skate with the Ambush Team

Ever wonder what Stormy’s like in real life? Does Dustin talk? Is Mitch really as cool as he looks? Does Zeke land everything first try? What does Josh’s bullet hole look like?

Get to know the Ambush skate team from an insider’s point of view. How? By winning a day of skating with the Ambush team.

On June 1st at 11:00 am, four skaters and a friend (8 total) will be chosen at random and taken in the van for a day of skating with the Ambush team. The winners will visit some of the area skateparks (Bay Creek, DeShong, and Mountain Park), enjoy snacks, drinks and gift pack courtesy of Neff, and be featured in a video montage skating with the Ambush crew. The winners will be dropped back off in the Ambush parking lot at 7:00 pm that evening. And, the event is totally FREE. Read More >

Atlanta’s Travis Glover

Atlanta has a rich skateboarding history. Thomas Taylor held the city down in the 1980’s. Stormy Pruett ran things in the 1990’s. Jeremiah Babb reigned during the new millennium. And Grant Taylor won Skater of the Year in 2011. Now it’s Travis Glover‘s turn.

Has anyone noticed how much play Travis has been getting lately? Of course he was featured in the latest Ambush video montage.

Plus, he’s popping up in all kinds of places. Check his latest appearances in the Zoo York blog. Or his feature in Focus. Better yet, check the shit he threw down in Focus’ Premium Cut:

If that doesn’t make you want to try a Zoo York board, maybe this will.


Follow Travis on Instagram and Twitter at @tgloves. Read More >

How Old Are Your Heroes?


You are going to die! That’s a fact. It happens to all of us. We get older, lose a step or two, and then fade into oblivion. Hopefully, while you were able-bodied, you made an impact on skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing or wakeboarding. These folks below definitely did (and continue to this day). So, next time you think you are old and washed up, think of this: These guys are still killing it…



Tony Hawk (Age 43)

Eric Koston (Age 36)

Tony Alva (Age 54)

Kelly Slater (Age 39)

Jake Burton Carpenter (Age 57)

Sunny Garcia (Age 41)

Christian Hosoi (Age 44)

Steve Caballero (Age 47)

Jamie Thomas (Age 37)

Gerry Lopez (Age 63)

Stormy Pruett (Old as F#<K) Read More >