Mazza Mondays: Next Week Will be Better

If you haven’t seen the Girl video Pretty Sweet, you havent seen life! This video is amazing. Never been done before tricks. I can’t give away too much, so yeah, we got a few left at the shop. I suggest coming down and grabbing one before there gone! Looks super sick in HD and Blu Ray if you got a Blu Ray DVD player!

Thursday, Travis Glover and I will be heading down to Skatepark Of Tampa for the 20th Tampa AM! Always a good time down there. Whether it’s enjoying the contest, eating some great food, meeting a bunch of awesome people, getting kicked out of your hotel, kicked out of bars, and  meeting crazy bums. Tampa is the s#!t!

So sorry for such a weak Mazza Mondays. After SEC3, I’ve mostly just been at home chillin’, enjoying the holidays and working! Your Mazza Monday will be back in full force next Monday with some good stuff from Tampa!! Until then Happy Holidays don’t kill anyone while shopping! Except for your wallet 😉 Read More >

Ambush Demo @ Found Skatepark

Friday August 31st the Ambush team headed up north to Found Skatepark to show off the goods and give away some goodies. This was the first time up there for most of us and I have to say that the park is pretty damn sweet. The guys over at Found made good use of a smaller sized space and the park flows like butter. I know the Found is pretty far from home for you local Ambush dudes, but we saw a few familiar faces up there (which is awesome) and met a whole bunch of new rad kids as well. Hopefully, this video will hype some of you to drive up to Ellijay and give it a whirl.

Big thanks to Mike and the whole Found crew for having us, and an even bigger thanks to all the kids and families who showed up in support. Hope you guys had as much fun as we did! Read More >

Ambush Demo at Found Skatepark

Most of our team riders have been out killing themselves trying to wrap up their parts for the SEC III video.  This can be pretty stressful on the body and mind.  So to blow off some steam, we decided to put on a demo where you can get a small taste of what’s to come in the video.

The demo is going down August 31st at Found Skatepark in Elijay, GA.  We’re getting the whole team together for a day of skating, giveaways, and good times.  Come hang out and watch these dudes do what they do best.  Featuring: Josh Butler, Gary Sargent, Dustin Hart, Jordan Smith, Stormy Pruett, Zeke Logan, Trey Abad and Travis Glover.  It all starts at 6:00 pm, Found Skatepark 12 Hefener St #113, East Elijay, Ga 30540. Read More >

Atlanta’s Travis Glover

Atlanta has a rich skateboarding history. Thomas Taylor held the city down in the 1980’s. Stormy Pruett ran things in the 1990’s. Jeremiah Babb reigned during the new millennium. And Grant Taylor won Skater of the Year in 2011. Now it’s Travis Glover‘s turn.

Has anyone noticed how much play Travis has been getting lately? Of course he was featured in the latest Ambush video montage.

Plus, he’s popping up in all kinds of places. Check his latest appearances in the Zoo York blog. Or his feature in Focus. Better yet, check the shit he threw down in Focus’ Premium Cut:

If that doesn’t make you want to try a Zoo York board, maybe this will.


Follow Travis on Instagram and Twitter at @tgloves. Read More >

Travis Glover

Everyone should turn their Dec. issue of The Skateboard Mag to p.87. You will find a banging photo of the one and only, Travis Glover. I have been shredding with this fool for years and it is about time his skating is seen outside the Atlanta area. Zoo York skateboards is showing him love and even have some lengthy blogs about their tour around ATL with Travis just last week. If you have never seen Travis skate, you shouldn’t hesitate to go watch After Glow and get your mind blown.