Ambush Game of Skate #16

Skateboarders are quite possibly the most enthusiastic people on the planet. I know we may seem spaced out, aloof, and disinterested, but that’s part of our charm. When it comes to skateboarding, we are all in.

The Ambush Game of Skate is the most consistently rock solid event in the Atlanta skateboard scene, and it is  the gusto of the participants that makes the contest what it is. No vibes here…just a couple hundred skateboarders pursuing their passion. Everyone was hanging out, rooting their friends on, and tapping their boards in respect for a banger trick. It’s as if we were all in this together and the competition was just a way to express our personal individuality throughout the day. And that’s what skateboarding is all about. Read More >

Vans Tie Dye Day


Tie dye is the new black. At least that’s what it seems like after today’s tie dye day. Ambush Board Co. and Vans teamed up to give our tie dye enthusiasts a channel to get creative. Footwear, tees, hoodies, and socks were all dyed up in an endless array of colors and patterns…and most of them turned out great.

Dyers came from all around to participate in today’s affair. And their reasons for wanting to be a part of the event were just as good as their designs. Want to produce a set of tees that are different from everyone else’s? Make your mark. Spill wine on your favorite white tee? Dye it up and no one can tell. Need an outlet to show how trippy you are? Twist it up and get down. Love Vans and Ambush and want to be a part of what we do? We could only be so lucky. Read More >