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What are you up to today?

One of those days…. so I’m in Beach Mode

You’ve recently relocated to Long Beach, how did that all come about?

Well, it started as a lil 2 week skatecation to get away from the shitty weather we’ve been having back in ATL.  Then right when I got out here a room opened up at the homie’s crib, and couldn’t really pass up the opportunity. So now I’m just out here livin it!  I’ll be back in the A sooner than later!

How you diggin it out there, miss back home at all?

First off I miss the fuck out of Atlanta and the squad! Theres no place like it. The west is cool though. We got some ATLIENS out here too! Plus perfect skate weather everyday, so its all good!

tumblr_n0plx3XdTV1s7ocm4o1_1280               Photo Chris Thiessen
Are there any projects your working on right now?

Always, this hustle don’t stop! But yea I got some stuff in the works. Just been skating as much as possible.  I’m sure we’ll drop a Zoo York project again this year. I got some shit coming out in the GOLDGOONS video which we should be wrappin up soon. And of course the SECxFU video..gotta get some shit in the homie video!

Keepin it rollin thats what I like to hear.  How’d this part come about?

Well it’s kinda random. This project wasn’t really planned. Nothing crazy.. just kinda came together. I recently just got all the footage from the homies that I’ve been skating with over the past year or so. Max Yoder, Chris Thiessen, Clay Newman, Mazza, Austin Sneed and Gabe Harrison. Shout out to  you guys for holdin it down behind the lens on this one.

travis bsmithflip                    Seq. Brandon Gassaway
Anything in there give you a hard time?

Prolly the backsmith kickflip. That spots kinda dust. Plus I’ve probably only done that trick maybe twice before that.

Whats your crew lookin like out west? Who you skatin with, who you kickin it with?It’s a lil different everyday but that’s the best part!  Right now I’m stayin with the homies Solomon Mosley, Fletcher Renegar, and Reese Salken. Then we got Chris Thiessen down the street. Then the FLA homies around the way.. Blake Carpenter, TJ Gaskil, and Ben Kilpatrick. My homies Devon Smilie and Justin williams been cruisin up from Huntington. Def cant forget about my GOONS Brad Rosado, Derrick Wilson, Jeremy Murray, Boo Johnson, Stevie Williams, and Jake Mednik. S/o to all the CHERRY homies too! But thats just a taste..still got more places to go and people to see!

Who’s ripping, out there and back home?

Been getting the field report from back home and word on the street is the squads holdin it down! ATL HOE! Out here everyone’s good though, so its hard to just throw names out there. But I’ve def seen some shit go down.

You’ve been with Ambush for a while now, how did that all start?

Reese Milikin and Stormy were the ones behind that one. They’ve always had my back. AMBUSH is the shit though!

Stuck on an island with one of the losers on our team, who’s goin with you?

Squad or die!

Who on the Ambush team is the best wing man at the bar?

Whole squad gettin’ cheeks!

tumblr_n0wajn4T8G1s7ocm4o1_1280               Photo Chris Thiessen
Who else is holding you down?

Zoo York, Mountain Dew, Gold Wheels, Deck Specks, Spray Ground, Remind Insoles, Krysp, and Raw

Anybody you wanna thank?

Anyone and everyone who’s helped me get where I am today and has had my back!

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