Welcome to the new AmbushBoardCo.com

Welcome to the new AmbushBoardCo.com. After 14 years of promoting action sports in the metro Atlanta area, Ambush has now officially entered the e-commerce scene. Until now, Ambush Boarding Co. relied on sister companies BuyWake.com, BuySnow.com, and BuySkateShoes.com to service our online customer. Now we are bringing you everything you need to ride under one virtual roof.

“When we launched Buywake.com in 2001 (and later BuySnow.com, BuySkateShoes.com, CheapSk8Shoes.com), our idea was to keep the brick and mortar store on a pedestal unto its own,” reflects Ambush, Inc. founder Chuck Morrow.

“With the Ambush brand being so strong and the needs of our customer being so diverse, we decided it was time to move forward and e-commerce Ambush Boarding Co.”

And now we present it to you. Take a tour of our amazing inventory of snowboards, wakeboards, skateboards, footwear and apparel. Visit our blog and social media sections. And, for those from our native Atlanta, check out the section dedicated to the local scene.

We at AmbushBoardCo.com and excited to serve you with exceptional customer service, a wealth of knowledge, unbridled intergirty, and the commitment to making your shopping expereince fun. Enjoy.

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