Always need shoes?: Skate Shoes – Why It’s Worth Buying Two Pairs

A lot of articles will say there are over 10 types of shoes a guy should have in his arsenal, but for a skateboarder it’s usually two; one to wear and one to skate.
Don’t get me wrong, plenty of skateboarders have lives outside of the sport, and to some skateboarding is everything, so skaters will have more or less, but to a huge chunk it’s all about the rotation.

The rotation, also known as “one to wear, one to skate,” serves two purposes: function and fashion – a pair to perform in and a pair to chill in.
So, it’s always beneficial to double up at the register, especially if you like the shoes!  But, we’ll go further into that another time.

The premise that buying an extra pair keeps you fresh is intuitively easy to agree with.  The logic is tough to pick apart.  Using one pair specifically for skateboarding and the other for everyday wear stops you from walking around with Swiss cheese on your feet.


Skate Shoes


However, questions come into play when trying figure out how in the hell buying two pairs of shoes is functional.  Given, it’s a little more up front at the register, but you were going to need that second pair eventually!  Skate shoes have a finite lifespan since they essentially play Slip ‘N Slide on sandpaper, so it’s easy to burn through a pair, but when you have two, you’re actually saving money.

That sounds a little wild, but since you don’t add the additional stress from walking around and everything else, the shoes you use for skating last longer.  You’d be surprised the amount of wear that simply walking puts on a shoe, which actually brings me to my next point; having two shoes can increase your performance too!

Some skate shoes seem to be perfect right out the box and others feel like they need some breaking in.  There’s nothing as uncomfortable, or that can throw off your skating, like a stiff new pair.  This has been an issue all throughout skateboarding history, so much so that DIY methods of breaking in shoes have circulated back generations.  For quick fixes, skaters have been known to microwave and even run over (with a car) a brand new pair of shoes, but if you just walk around long enough, the shoes will break in themselves.  Having the rotation assures that your current skate shoes last as long as possible, and that your next pair in line is ready to skate, which keeps you always ready to shred!  Next time you’re at the register, go ahead and double up!  And if cost is an issue, feel free to check out our site and take advantage of our Multi-Shoe Discount Program!

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