Women in Skateboarding

It’s nearly impossible to ignore the 24-hour news cycle today.  Everywhere you turn, look, or swipe it’s in your face…and, to me, it’s depressing.  As far as I, personally, am concerned, there is the the constant reminder that our leaders seem bent on making our nation less inclusive.  We seem to take 10 steps forward only to be knocked back two.  However, I remain optimistic after witnessing the worldwide support of women’s marches a couple weeks ago.  It seems that progress will continue creeping  forward.  I mean…things have to keep getting better, right?  Skateboarding has always been the most diverse of the so-called “board sports”, and it’s trending towards being ever more diverse.  Nowhere is it more apparent than in the coverage of women in skateboarding.  The past couple months their coverage has been boomin’ and that makes me proud to be a skateboarder.  So, shout out to all the ladies killing it out there!  Women have definitely more than earned their seat at skateboarding’s table.  Here are a few of my favorite examples of this in the past couple months.

Lizzie Armanto TransWorld SKATEboarding Cover

In November of last year Lizzie Armanto landed the cover of TransWorld SKATEboarding, making her the first female ever to grace a Transworld cover.  That feat is long overdue since the magazine has been in publication for 33 years.  I mean…other skateboard magazines have had women on their covers before.  Why not TransWorld?  Thrasher Magazine had featured Cara-Beth Burnside in August of ’89 and then Jaime Reyes in April of ’94.  One would think TransWorld would have had Elissa Steamer on a cover at some point.  Sadly, Elissa never got a cover.  Regardless, a huge congratulations on the cover, Lizzie!  Sk8-Hi’s have never looked so fly!

Transworld Skateboarding November 2016

Lacey Baker’s “My World” Part

From being a force in contests to releasing numerous video parts over the years, Lacey has proven that she is a staple in skateboarding.  Her latest offering is her strongest yet, and the part boasts nothing but solid street skating.  This part is easily her most tech, and I think you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone making manual tricks look so stylish.  The part is just barely a week old and almost has quarter million views on YouTube!  Cheers, Lacey!

Nora Vasconcellos Everywhere

Nora has been on a KILLING spree!  Since being announced as a full team member at adidas Skateboarding she has toured the world, dropped a video part in Welcome Skateboard’s first video “Fetish,” and sat down with the Nine Club.  To top it all off, Nora made the back cover of the latest Thrasher for a Mob griptape ad.  Check it all out below.

Welcome Skateboards Fetish DVD

Buy Welcome Skateboard’s First Full-Length “Fetish” Now!

TransWorld SKATEboarding’s Coverage of “Quit Your Day Job”

“Quit Your Day Job” is the first all-female skate video in the United States in over a decade.  It features parts from the legendary Vanessa Torres to new up-and-comers like Samarria Brevard.  Over the past couple weeks TransWorld has featured select parts from this video to be shown on their site for 48 hours at a time.  If you’ve missed them, don’t sweat it…you can buy the video here. TransWorld also posted an insightful interview with Vanessa Torres too!

Read Vanessa’s Interview Here

This only scratches the surface of what’s been happening over the past few months, so I’m excited to see what 2017 has to offer . I’m going to go ahead and predict that we see a woman on the cover of Thrasher Magazine in 2017.  Anybody want to make a wager on who’s it going to be?  Either way, I can’t wait to see who it is because it’s been far too long.

Thanks, ladies, for keeping skateboarding radical!

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