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Enter to Win | Emerica x Chocolate Jerry Hsu Prize Pack

Emerica x Chocolate Jerry Hsu Prize Pack

Emerica x Chocolate Hsu Giveaway

Here at Ambush we're always hyped on anything involving Jerry Hsu, especially the new Emerica x Chocolate Hsu collab that celebrates Jerry's new Hsu G6 and Hsu Low Vulc.  We're so hyped we knew we had to do something special.  If you guessed that we're another giveaway, you are correct!  However, we also had the chance to catch up with Mr. Hsu to ask him a few questions.  So, make sure you enter the giveaway and read the interview below!

Entry will be open for everyone from Tuesday, April, 19th through Friday, May, 13th 2016.  One entrant will be selected at random to win the entire prize pack.  Please read and follow the rules for entry below.





To enter the contest you must:

Fill out all required areas of the entry form below.

Follow @AmbushBoardCo on Instagram and/or Twitter.

Agree to the terms of the giveaway.

One very lucky winner will win the following:

One pair of the Emerica x Chocolate Hsu G6

One pair of the Emerica x Chocolate Hsu Low Vulc

One Emerica x Chocolate Dawbber Coach's Jacket

One Emerica x Chocolate raglan 3/4 T-shirt

One Emerica x Chocolate short sleeve T-shirt

One signed Jerry Hsu Chocolate deck

Emerica x Chocolate

These days, words like "legendary" or "iconic" are thrown around far too often when describing our skateboarding brethren.  Checking Instagram often feels like I'm watching a couple drunk fraternity brothers reminisce about glory days.  So, I will apologize in advance for fanning out too hard on Jerry, but his career really does personify the terms.  Just look at his Thrasher cover from May '99 and think about all he did in '99 alone.  It's incredible.  From the curtains in Maple's "Black Cat" video to the storm flips (nollie backsideflip late front foot kickflip) in the Osiris' "The Storm," Jerry became a household name instantly.

Jerry Hsu Thrasher Cover May 1999

In the nearly two decades since then, we have seen Jerry put out a plethora of more classic parts, including his opus in Enjoi's "Bag of Suck," and he still seems to have more up his sleeve!  This legend needs no further introduction.

Going back and re-watching a lot of your parts you have skated to everything from Michael Jackson to Tom Waits.  With music playing such an integral role in videos, what are some of your favorite video parts based solely on music (good or bad)?  Has there ever been a song you really wanted to use but couldn't get the track cleared?

Some of my favorite video part songs are Cocteau Twins in Jeremy Klein's part in "Ravers" and Pink Floyd in Brian Anderson's "Welcome to Hell" part.  I really like Brian's song because its ominous and so was his skating.  I had never even heard of him before and he was so good and scary looking.  Mike Carroll and Marc Johnson consistently use good songs.

  We were trying to use a Cat Stevens song for my part "Stay Gold."  We got shut down by his people, but it would have been so good.

As a photographer yourself, who are some of your favorite photographers and/or skate photographers?  Do you have any new books in the works?

Right now I really love JH Engstrom and Boris Mikhailov.  Very good stuff.  As for skate photographers, Spike and Tobin.

How's filming for "Made 2" coming along?  Has your approach to filming or skating changed at all since being in LA?

LA hasn't really changed my approach to filming, but being slightly older and worse at skating has.  Less stuff happens on the fly.  There's more planning and failure.  But, I like it here for skating.  It's so vast and endless for skating.

It seems like everyone is "training" these days.  Does the spot inspire the trick or do you work on a trick ahead of time and then find the "right spot"?

It goes both ways.  Lately it has been more the spot influencing a trick.  Sometimes I can envision a trick at a certain spot, but I've never done the trick so I have to learn it.  A few times I've just learned it on film at the spot.

Are you reading anything right now that you're really into?  Favorite book?

I only watch skate videos right now


How much is life different for you from when you're filming a video part to when you're finished with one?

Well, if I'm really into the video part it kinda rules my life.  Everything around me suffers.  When I finish a part I feel both relief and loss because my project is over.  But, I have plenty of other shit to do so it's nice to get back to photography and regular life crap.

Have you ever skated vert?

I dropped in at skate camp.

Fondest Emerica memory?

Getting on for sure.  Being accepted into such an elite and special group of skaters was something I thought would never happen.

Don't forget to pick up the Emerica x Chocolate Hsu G6 & Hsu Low Vulc

Hsu G6 & Hsu Low Vulc

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