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Kalyn Morrow - Content Marketing Coordinator




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Position: Content Marketing Coordinator
Employed since 2014


How'd you start working here?
This whole thing got started when I was just a little girl. I grew up watching my dad and brothers build this business from the ground up. I guess my unofficial start was when I was playing in my dad's office while he was on business calls. But if we're talking officially, then it was once I finished college. I knew it was time for me to join in all the fun and hardwork. 

Yes, one. Chloe. A Beagle/Dachshund rescue and the apple of my eye! 

Hidden talent?
I can roll my tongue into a 3 leaf clover.

Most embarrassing moment?
I got stuck on a fence when I was about 12. Just dangling there by my underwear, until my friend could cut me down