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Spitfire F4 99DU Ice Mint Classic Wheels

  • Longer Lasting - Holds Size and Shape Longer
  • Unmatched abrasion resistance = fewer flat spots
  • Smooth Anti-Stick slide
  • More Controllable Grip
  • Lasting speed everywhere
  • Made in SF, CA. USA
  • 99A


Formula Four Performance Urethane lasts longer, withstands more abuse and performs superior to all other wheels. Spitfire Formula Four Urethane was developed to combine all the desired properties of a performance wheel without sacrificing any one attribute at the expense of another. Formula Four's True Lasting Performance Urethane comes not from a single benefit, but from a combination of qualities and features that together produce a true great wheel.


Additional Information

SKU 21110067
Brand Spitfire
Skateboard Wheel Type Skateboard Wheels
Model Year No
Color Green
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